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Fashion with Heart - Inai x Fashion Revolution Week

Inai is a creative space, where timeless leather pieces are crafted using exotic Italian/Indian leathers, handmade by skilled Indian artisans in their workshop based in Madras, India. Their business rests on sustainable fashion practices where they use ethically sourced leather from certified tanneries and also transform leather scraps leftover from production into beautifully handcrafted, one-of-a-kind designs. Their artisanal workshops are partially solar powered, in an effort to reduce our environmental footprint. During the Fashion Revolution Week we had a quick chat with Shruti Ashok, the founder of Inai about Fashion Revolution India and her view on ethical fashion. Why do you think it is necessary to be ethical and transparent? The Fashion Industry plays a huge role in the impact on the...

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What does Fashion Transparency mean?

Giant fashion brands supply fashionable outfit all over the globe. But they have no idea from where all their clothing products are made from. These big giants don't own their own factories rather get their clothing manufactured in factories outside their country at a cheaper rate. Thus having no knowledge of the materials used or the working conditions In the factory. The manufacturing and the supply involves a lot of complex processes. Sometimes one brand might manufacture and supply clothing to many partners making the process more complicated. The only way for these giant fashion brands to identify and acknowledge the people and the factors behind the manufacturing of their clothing are -”fashion transparency”. Who made my clothes? Fashion transparency is...

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