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Top 10 Spring Summer Trends Sustainable Fashion 2017

Fashion trends of Spring and summer usually have everyone super-duper-change-your-wardrobe kind of excited. Stylists and fashionistas find this to be essentially a buoyant season. From jumbo frills, bling trend of the 80’s to the poshest colour palette, spring/summer 2017 is oozing out exuberance in every stitch and layer. Most trusted trend of spring/summer collection - florals and stripes are back with a bang and more oomph to make you have a second glance. So, if you ever thought that the spring/summer trend is predictable and boring you are completely wrong. This runway season is all about accepting literal artistic attires and the season’s most sustainable fashion with DIY culture. So, read on more to know about the top 10 spring/summer...

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